Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Does The World Really Need Another Blog?

With over 156 million blogs already in existence throughout the world, is there really a need for another blog?

It has often been suggested to me that I write a book on project management, but I have come to the conclusion that a blog will be more timely and practical (and definitely more fun) and can provide a free, collaborative and interactive resource and environment to facilitate your project success.

I have enjoyed sharing my project and executive management experiences with the thousands of you who have attended my project management training classes and webinars over the past twelve years, but I have lots more to share, particularly in areas not covered by these sessions, such as leadership, team development and other soft skills, global project management, managing multiple projects and many, many others.

Equally important, through my interactions with you in our training and webinar sessions, I know you also have great project management knowledge, insights and experiences.  I would like you to share these, either through this blog, or by co-hosting with me to deliver webinars on any topics of your choosing.

I do believe that the world could use another blog, and I will work hard to ensure this blog will live up to its objective "Facilitating Project Success Through A World Of Experience" (referring, of course, to the collective experience of our global blog community). 

This blog will only succeed in its objective with your active participation, so please tell us your project management challenges, issues and experiences, and let's start sharing the project management best practices, insights, solutions, methodologies, tools and techniques to help you all succeed on your projects.

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